I’m sorry Mam…

20th December rolls around each year

I jump on Amazon, then search for…

Gifts for mum

The next day, the gift arrives at my mums house in time for the big day🎄

And as with anything else in 2020

I tried to do things a little different 😅🤷‍♂️

I was cruising on Facebook around the 15th when I saw this advert for a something special that I thought she would have liked

(Can’t tell you what it is just yet)

Order placed, delivery date confirmed -> 23rd December

Christmas shopping done 🛍

23rd arrives… nothing!

24th… nothing

So on the 26th I email

Their response, wait until the 7th 😬

Fast forward the 7th, still nothing

I email again 📧

They say they’re looking into it

So I call FedEx ☎️

They say it’s lost 🤣

So I email the company and ask what they plan to do…

Your going to love this 🤓

Dear Mr Kyle, we are happy to refund 70% of the value until we receive the item

Say what 🤯

I will only get 70% back until the missing item is found and returned 🤣

Anyway, they also said they would send a replacement this coming week

So yeah, sorry Mam

Your Christmas present may arrive before Christmas 2021 🤗

David 🙂