It always comes as second nature

We were a week out from Christmas when my brother came home to North Wales from France

At the time Sion & Ellie were allowed to travel in & out of Wales with his return flight booked for the first week of 2021

2 days after landing, Wales go into a Full Lockdown & his return to France is in doubt

First week of 2021 arrives and only Ellie being a native of France was allowed to go back

Therefore after he spent a number of hours trying, they booked their train and travelled down to stay with us until things change

Which brings us actually living together for the first time since 2009, when I left for Uni

All our child life, we would be out playing football, training and getting on people nerves 🤣

2 weeks of living together and it feels like we have never been apart 🙌

Including playing football on a super wet & muddy feild today

And this is something that will always be there, no matter how, or where we are living

Family, friends, community is everything 💪

Look after each other, respect each other and make the most of the times you have with each other when you get the opportunity ❤️

Enjoy your Saturday evening

David 🙂