What a difference a day makes….

First of all, I just want to thank every single person that commented and actually reached out to me after yesterdays posts

I’m not usually the type of guy who posts that type of stuff on Facebook

But yesterday was hard 😟

I set such high expectations that when we don’t hit them, I feel like it’s my fault

Yet I need to remember with the “C” going on, expected results are going to be skewed

Then we get a letter from Cardiff Council telling us they paid us too much for one of the grants

And needed the £1000 back in the next 7 days

Honestly… You can’t make this stuff up 🤣

Anyway, fast forward 24 hours ⏰

I received an email from My PT Hub confirming an interview I am going to be doing with them next week

And we have found the copywriter that we have been looking for 🙌

So yeah… What a difference a day makes 💪

Now if you are ever feeling like I did yesterday, know that you have the support around you

And that admitting it and asking for help… IS THE WAY FORWARD

Please, don’t suffer in silence

Reach out to me, your friends, your family and chat with them

We are in this together 🤝

David 🙂