It’s Like Handing Over The Key To Your Brand New Car…

You know that feeling

When someone asks you to drive / test / play with that brand new, barely out of the package item

The item you have worked really hard to get and now struggle to go a minute without thinking about it

That it is what it is like taking on staff members into your business

🙌 A business you built

🙌 A business you know inside out

🙌 A business that you are super proud of

Then you get to that point where everything is getting on top of you and you need that extra pair of hands

So you think about getting someone in…

🧐 What jobs do you give them

🧐 What if they get it wrong

🧐 What it they can’t do it as well as me

🧐 What is they cost me clients


The day then comes, their first day at your business

Youre then hovering over their shoulder to make sure they are doing it right

Pushing them out of the way so you can get it done your way

Taking tasks away from them incase they get it wrong

So here is the thing when it comes to getting staff


Getting someone in free’s up your time to work on other projects

To free your time to focus on the growth

The development of the business

So when it comes to getting the right person

Be sure they are motivated, excited and driven to want to learn and grow with you

Then all those fears, worries, struggle we mentioned above will just vanish into thin air

Trust me, we have hired some great and some not so great staff

When they are passionate, want to learn and believe in your vision

You have made the right choice

David 🙂