I’ve never given a shout out to…

October 2015, we had decided that we had to make a change and move DKnine down to Southampton

With no finances, no place to live & no clients

Just a plan on how to grow DKnine Fitness

We had to call on the one person

Phone call done, residence confirmed for the foreseeable future

We packed, said goodbye to North Wales and moved down to Southampton

Now if you know how DKnine started in Southampton

You will know that on my first day of being down there, I came across a gym

Thing is, this gym like most other rented spaces require

Your first months rent up front, plus a second month rent as deposit

And again we had no finances, no place to live & no clients

So we had to ask this person, to borrow the money to get started at this gym, as well as letting us stay there rent free, and help feed us until we could get set up

Now, this person never once doubted us, never rushed us and ALWAYS had belief in that we could make this happen 💪

Which makes me think & be thankful to…

Holly’s nan, Dawn

Without her support, her generosity, her belief, DKnine & FitPro Lead Gen may never be here

To Dawn… One of my many unsung Heros 🙌

You got this 💪

David 🙂