Remember… you either want it or you don’t

As a FitPro we all know what it takes to get on stage & be in complete physical shape

Months of dedicated time in the gym

Months of specific meal planning & consumption

Months of saying no to social events, nights out and anything that can ruin the GAINS

Then the big day comes, you jump on stage & you look amazing

All the hard work and dedication has paid off

The next day, you eat what you want

Celebrate & enjoy your free time 🎉


Imagine if you had this mindset for your business

And instead of getting on stage, you set client acquisition targets, monthly income targets & client retention targets

You set yourself a time frame, let’s say 2 months to get 20 new clients

You did everything in your power to get there, putting everything else off that could slow you down or stop you reaching your target

Then once you hit that target 🎯

You celebrate, you have time off & you reward yourself 🙌

Remember… you either want it

Or you don’t

You got this 💪

David 🙂