Just Spend £5 a Day on Ads Right Now…

During our weekly Portal Catch Up and Q&A today

We were chatting about what is working right now when it comes to Ads

After all, you have probably noticed a big dip during Jan when it came to the number of leads that came in 😕

Now with the gyms opening in the next 4-6 weeks, we need to start getting ready to re-open and start filling our pipeline 🙌

So here is something that is working a treat right now for our Ads Clients & DKnine Fitness


Okay, so meal plan Ads are absolutely killing it right now

Therefore we set up a Facebook LeadAds collecting their name & email

Then the TY part for the Lead Ad, we say:


Here is what happens next

[your name] 🙂

The button text is: View Website

And you want to be sending them to a landing page here

This landing page is all about getting them into your free group

Giving us in total, their email, pixel data and have got them in your free group

Let’s get back to the landing page

This page needs to be convincing enough to get them to click to join

This means we need to give them reasons to join, such as…

Simply click the link below to join our free group on Facebook where I will tag you in the post that has the meal plan and I will also tag you in a post that also has a [bonus]

[your name] 🙂

Setting this up is one of the best ways to start filling your pipeline for re-opening right now

You have them in your email follow-ups, you have them in your FREE group (add them to and start the convo)

Plus you have them in your Pixel data ready to retarget 🤓

So do what you need to do…

Ignore this advice

Or set this up for £5 a day and bring around 3-5 new cold leads in each day and start warming them up ready for the big re-open

David 🙂