Making 4 Sales A Week Minimum 😎

The last 2 weeks inside the FitPro Incubator, we have been chatting about business goal setting

And the crux of it is that, as small business owners, any real business goal is literally based on your own personal goal

With the business being your vehicle to getting you to your personal goals

For example, there is no point in saying: I want to open 4 studios

If YOU actually, personally want to take your income up to £60k & be able to take 6 weeks of holidays a year

Don’t get me wrong, opening more studios may allow you to earn more, but it will also take up a lot more of your time

Likewise, there is no reason a very well-run studio can’t also get you to your goals

Anyway… today, we focused more on the right here right now

Having written what our end-of-year goals are, we now need to break them down into numbers to make it easier to work towards

Now time for some maths 🤓

If we know we need to grow by 3 new clients per week & we close 1 in every 2

That means we need 6 bookings per week to make 3 sales

Now, we also know that out of 6 bookings, 1 always cancels

Which means we really need closer to 7 bookings a week

To generate 1 booking, we need 3 leads, which means to get 7 bookings a week, we need to find 21 leads a week

So 21 leads per week = 7 bookings = 3 sales

When you work it out like this, it makes it super clear what needs to happen to get those sales

But… And this is a big BUT

We also lose 1 client a week too 😬

Which really does mean, we need to make 4 sales a week

Giving us an end number of 27 leads = 9 bookings = 4 sales a week

Now you have this number, and you know why you need that number

It should now give you that extra bit of fire each week to make sure we find those 27 leads

Especially if we generate 20 leads from paid ads, you now need to find another 7 👊

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You got this 💪

David 🙂