Most Of The Time… Less Is More!

Another great day on the road, yesterday we where up in Manchester (Urmston) working at TBT Fitness

But before we even got to work with building the Lead Gen Eco-System, we had to sort-out the current systems & automation

Now don’t get me wrong, I love pizza, if the option comes to add extras, I will order a meat feast of some kind, then add any extra meat & pineapple on top

Pizza looks a total mess, the waiters give me strange looks, but I love it

Yet again, sometimes just a simple pepperoni pizza is absolutely perfect too 🍕 

It’s why sometimes less is actually better than more

Systems & automations are great, designed to save you a load of time, make your life easier

But when you have so many going on at once, all crossing over each other & actually giving you more work to do, then something needs to change

Which is why we simplified the lead to sale process first, removing all the extra add-on that had been built before adding in the Eco-System

Now, it’s super clean & clear when a lead lands, the follow-up & chasing all work smoothly

Plus, if they join or don’t, it’s all laid out to add them into the correct lists & automations

Adding the Lead Gen Eco-System on top now is just going to fill the diary every week with consultations 🙌

Less is sometimes more 👊

What systems do you currently have in place?

David 🙂