Why… Just Why 🤯

As I sit here on the train back from Hull, I was thinking about a few conversations I had at the start of the week…

Actually, do you have conversations in your head too? Or is that just me 🤷‍♂️

Let re-phrase that 🤣

When youre having a conversations with a prospect/lead & they are telling you what they did & tried before

Are you talking to yourself & asking WHY

Instead of actually telling them what you think about their past, you just keep it in & are just shell-shocked with what they are telling you

Here are 2 for you from the last week

The first 🤯 spent $30k…. Thirty Thousand Dollars!

On a 6 month mentoring programme (Online course, with weekly group coaching calls & a basic lead gen system)

She showed me…😬

The second had set their own systems & automations up for their lead gen & sales, if you don’t want to read all the steps, then skip the next few lines 🤣

Using a mixture of…
– ClickFunnels,
– AdEspresso,
– Buffer,
– Typeform,
– Calendly,
– Zapier,
– Active Campaign,
– Text Magic,
– Google Sheets,
– Trello,
– & a call setter

To be fair, I liked what the second person had built, yeah, a bit crazy & lot’s of moving parts

But this is what we had to do for all ads clients & Fitness Business owners before we set-up LeadDec 👾

Everything that second person had set-up is all in LeadDec already & ready to go within seconds of signing up, saving you 100s a month

For the second, I was having a conversation in my head saying…

Pay me the $30k, I will fly to Australia for 6 months, build a custom system specific to your fitness business & also coach you in person for full 6 month

🤣 🇦🇺

Ever been to Australia? It’s defo on the 🪣 list

Anyway, the moral of the story is do you talk to yourself? 😆

No, in all seriousness…

If you are either one of the 2 mentioned above, you are going to ❤️ LeadDec

Simplifying your lead gen & sales systems for your fitness business, so you can focus on what you love doing the most

& if you want to pay me $30k, I will also come live with you for 6 months to build it 😎

Check out LeadDec here —>> https://leaddec.com/

You got this 💪

David 🙂