My Brother Harri…

When we where growing up

You either supported Everton by following my Dad

Or Man Utd by following my Mum

Me and Sion followed my Dad

While April, although not a football fan, decided to follow my Mum

Then Harri came along…

During that strange time as a kid, where you start kicking a ball and sit for more than 5 minutes to watch a game

Arsenal where winning everything

🏆 The League

🏆 The Cups

And all of us would be alway moaning about Arsenal winning

Now the thing about my brother Harri is that he is a genius

He started reading the Harry Potter books when he was just 6

He’s also a mathematical genius too

And remembers almost everything he takes in

Not to mention by far the cleverest one of the whole family

So when the infamous days came, when my mum asked him, who he supported…

He said —>> Arsenal 🤣

And here is why I am telling you this

This was something I used to tell prospects when I did consultation for DKnine

That if they wanted to be an example to their children, then would either need to hide or remove their bad habits

Because you guessed it

If you act, do or show… They will take it in and follow

Now this isn’t just a child development thing

It carries on in life and into how prospects view your business

✅ Take charge of what you do

✅ Of how you present yourself and your business

✅ Of how you look after your clients and leads

Getting this right will be a game changer in how your business develops and grows

You got this 💪

David 🙂