Did you know I built a successful fitness business… TWICE

That’s on top of not having any social proof for the first one

And also having no brand awareness, previous clients or reputation on both occasions

The first was when we moved to Southampton

We started with no venue and lived at Holly’s Nans

Day 1, found a venue

Day 2, decided on my target audience and started running ads

By the end of month 2, we had 20 clients paying £150pm

When we left Southampton, we had 2 full time staff and over 40 clients

The reason we left was simple

We just couldn’t find our own GYM

After a few months of searching we then found one 🙌

The only issue was that it was 2 hours drive away

In a place I had only been once

Which means we had to start all over again 💪

Using the foundation and knowledge we had from Southampton

We got to work here in Cardiff

Today, having survived the lockdown

We are now running with 2 Full Time coaches, 1 Sales manager & 1 Gym manager

😏 Interested I knowing how I did it?

😏 What you need to do to get the same results or even better?

😏 Have me coach you for 12 weeks on getting the Lead Gen, Systems, Steps and Processes?

Then drop me a message and let’s have a chat 😎

This isn’t going to be a cheap programme and you will have to put up with me constantly pushing you to keep moving forward 👊

You got this 🙌

David 🙂