Know Your Facebook Campaign Types…

With the new IOS14 changes coming into play over the last few weeks

A lot of us have been switching from Conversions Ads to Leads

To Conversion Ads for Landing Page Views

And here is where a major lead shortage lies

You see Facebook is that advanced that if you select the exact type of result you want

Then you will get the results you need

So here are a few for you to consider here

✅ Want more people watching your videos? then select = Video Views

✅ Want more engagement on your posts? Comments, Likes, Shares? then select = Page Engagement

✅ Want more people reading your blog or checking out your website? then select = Traffic

Now here is the big one for us that need LEADS

✅ Want more leads? Name, Email & Phone? then you have 2 options

Conversion Ads (Leads)


Facebook LeadAds

Not… Conversion Ads (Landing Page Views)

Now the big problem is that if you haven’t verified your domain and set up your lead conversion event

Then you can’t run -> Conversion Ads (Leads)

It only give you the option to run -> Conversion Ads (Landing Page Views)

Which as the name states, it get’s people to view your website/landing page

And not become a lead

So if you don’t want to do the IOS14 changes

Then stick with Facebook LeadAds

Your got this 💪

David 🙂

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