Spanish… F**king Spanish 🇪🇸

I love Spain, we have even spoke about moving over to Spain at some point

But to make the most of it, I would really need to be able to speak Spanish

So to make sure, that if we ever did, or for the next time we went to Spain

I found myself a Spanish teacher

Now she is really good, she is patient, she makes the training super fun

But F**k me, learning something new is painful

It’s hard, it’s boring & I just want to give up

And at this point, this point of feeling all this stuff

Is the point that either grows your business & yourself

You see if I decided to give up now or further down the line

My dream of being able to speak fluent in Spanish just vanishes

Being able to communicate in Spain just goes

So I have the decision to make

✅ Do I carry on with this pain, this difficult task in front of me and reap the rewards further down the line

🛑 Or give up now for the easier life and suffer further down the line when I can’t do it

If you are reading this and you have suddenly thought, YEAH I need to Man/Female UP and get the work done

Then my job here is done

You got this 💪

David 🙂