My Hardest Weekly Review…

A picture can paint a thousand words and yes…

You would be right in guessing that the new BMW arrived

The week should have been a week of celebration and a proud moment to see how far a kid from a council estate can go

But no!

The one thing I have been dreading almost all my life happened…

Gran ❤️

The person the LeadDec AI tool is named after

The person who, unable to wait for the NHS and seeing me struggle with my skin, paid for me to go private

One of my closest friends who was only ever a phone call away

Those that really know me know I am a very closed book

I don’t even open up to my mum or Holly

But with Gran, it felt different! Always on the drive to and from work most days ☎️


To say this week came as a shock and I did absolutely ZERO work

FitPro Lead Gen has 13 new FitPros ready to start next week 🤩

LeadDec had its best ever month last month

And right now, I’m on a Cruise just leaving Germany

Life doesn’t make sense at all 🤷‍♂️ and we only get one chance to live our best life

Believe in yourself 🙌

Build your dream team 😎

And live your best life

You got this 💪

David 🙂

Ps… please no messages!