Not Everyone Likes What You Offer & Here Is What You Should Do…

It’s hard to admit sometimes that the offer you are running at your fitness business just isn’t working

We see it all the time 😩

The reason?? Well there is actually a few, with the main 2 being…

1️⃣ Everyone else is running the same offer

2️⃣ Your offer doesn’t match your audience needs

The perfect example is a straight forward gym membership

✅ The owner has always run a 1 day free pass

Not a bad offer, one that has worked well for many fitness businesses

But this offer will attract a certain type of prospect…

🧐 Someone who has probably been looking into your place already

🧐 Someone who is ready to start something & just needed that little push to get them in the door

🧐 A previous member looking to come back

What this offer will struggle to attract is prospects who…

😇 Were not looking to start something, but know they needed to start

😇 Didn’t realise your gym/studio was close by

😇 Are weighing up a few different options

😇 Have never tried a gym before so need convincing

So what is the right offer to put out there?

🤓 Start with the one that works for you, if you are comfortable selling it & all your automation & follow ups are based on the offer, then stick with what you know

🤓 Trial a secondary offer, something a little different from your main paid advertised offer. This could be an easy down-sell or up-sell to have

🤓 Learn & question your audience, see what attracts them, what made them click your current ads to want to learn more & create your entry offers based on that

Now, I am not saying you need to have multiple offers

We at FitHub30 started with just the 6 weeks, then we moved to Strong Semi-Private & Team Large Groups, then Strong & Team Large Groups & now 4 Week Kick-Start, 6 Week Challenge & 2 Week Experience for just £1

It will take time to work out what works best for you, but also know that you will need to keep refreshing the offer to keep the leads coming in

You got this 💪

David 🙂