The Story Of The —>> “Best Month Ever”

Running ads successfully really comes down to 2 key factors

1️⃣ Being able to generate quality leads

2️⃣ Being able to chase/speak with the leads

If you get either slightly wrong, then your expected results are going to drop

This was the case with one particular clients

We *FitPro Lead Gen* do what we do best, we brought them in quality leads in, each & every day

For the first few months with us, this client had been doing ‘OKAY’

Nothing special, just converting a few from each batch of leads that came in

Being super honest… we *FitPro Lead Gen* where a little disappointed because they should have been doing a lot more sales than they where

The client also was disappointed that they where not getting as many sales as they wished

🛑 Now the big reason for the lack of sales was super obvious

It was number 2️⃣!

The client was only able to chase the leads properly twice a week

Meaning they would be chasing leads down who where over 5 days old a times

Or just not getting around to contacting the leads at all

🗣 they had even messaged us the month before last, saying that they where thinking of stopping as the results from the whole process wasn’t working for them 😢

So the big questions is… how did the particular client go from

✅ struggling to contact the leads

✅ not making enough sales

✅ considering stopping ads management with us

To having their best month EVER 🔥

The answer….


🤓 They still only actively chase the calls twice a week

But the big difference is that when a lead comes in now, the automations built in, are pushing the leads to book an appointment right away

& then for a few days on the bounce, ensuring each leads is actually being chase every single day now 🤓

To make things even better, once the lead books an appointment, they also get a bunch of follow ups to make sure they turn up for the appointment

So getting back to the very start…

If you want to be succesful with your paid advertising, you need to nail these 2 key facts:

1️⃣ Being able to generate quality leads

2️⃣ Being able to chase/speak with the leads

You got this 🙌

David 🙂