Nutrition That Simple, Even A 7 Year Old Could Help…

⬆️ This was something we always use to push in our consultations when it came to the nutrition element of the programme we where saying

We would would have it in our ads, in our emails, on all the posters

The reason?

We knew our target audience didn’t want to spend hours cooking & making complicated breakfast, lunches & dinners

They wants, quick, simple, tasty recipes πŸ˜‹

So why am I telling you this??

Well I wanted to follow up on yesterdays blog, where we talked about why some fitness business do better with their lead gen than others

One of the big things we missed out yesterday, was the set-up & stages of the process

Remember, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or any sort of paid Social Media Marketing is classed as = INTERUPTIVE MARKETING

Your aim is to stop people from scrolling further & take action on the advert

Now… let’s switch back to what I was chatting about further up the post about making nutrition super simple & straight forward for our clients

This principle NEEDS to be the same when it comes to your systems & funnels

πŸ›  The user/prospect has just been interupted from swipping with your advert

πŸ›  Your advert has the goal of generating the lead

So to make sure they both work smoothly, we need to make the whole process, super straightforward & easy

Something even a 7 year old could do…

βœ… Keep the ads copy simple & straight to the point

βœ… Call out to the specific audience & let them know it’s for them

βœ… Make the CTA (Call to Action) clear

βœ… Ensure the landing page has just the single function of collecting the data

βœ… Use language the prospects understands & relates too

βœ… Keep the page clear, with plenty of white space

βœ… Triple check the page loads on mobile

βœ… Explain what happens on the ‘Thank You’ page after they have submitted their details

βœ… Have a simple CTA on the ‘Thank You’ page the keeps them learning about your service

Honestly, the more complicated you make the process, the more prospects you will lose along the way

Keep it simple & you will WIN πŸ’ͺ

You got this πŸ™Œ

David πŸ™‚