Why Certain Fitness Business Kill It with Ads

With what we do at FitPro Lead Gen, we have a great insight into 100’s of Fitness Businesses around the world

From multi-gym & studio FitPros to Boot Camp owners & individual PT Fitness Business

We get to see first-hand how their ads are performing, what their follow up process is like & how they close sales

And we can always tell who is going to succeed when it comes to ads & who will be paying more for each sale

The process of running ads comes down to 2 factors

1️⃣ Offer that works for your target audience

2️⃣ The advert plays on the target’s emotions & desire

It’s why you will ALWAYS see the ads that have a headline such as

→ 6 Week Programme for Ladies Looking To Change The Way They Look & Feel in Just 6 Weeks

Now when prospects see this ads copy, they will have these 2 things flowing through their head

1️⃣ The offer is short, isn’t going to break the bank & can produce half-decent results

2️⃣ I would love to look & feel better, I’m currently not where I want to be

✅ success, a LEAD has been generated 🙌

We should all be able to get this far without any real trouble ⬆️

This is the point where the cost per sale & number of sign-ups differ BIG TIME between fitness business

First, we need to go back to the ads copy & what emotions & feelings that advert has had on the prospect

Let’s set the scene…

The prospect has had a terrible day at work, rushed their dinner, now sat down on the sofa watching TV

They see your advert, it spikes their interest & get’s them focused

They submit their details, then get back to what they were watching on TV


For every single second, minute & hour that passes, the feeling, motivation, intrigue that lead had for your offer will dwindle

The longer you leave it, the more the leads forgets about you, moving on with their life

This is where the Fitness Business who reacts the quickest,


Now you can react super quick in 2 ways, the first will keep them warm-ish, the second will massively improve the chances of a sale

Remember —>> For every single second, minute & hour that passes, the feeling, motivation, intrigue that lead had for your offer will dwindle

1️⃣ the most basic way to keep the lead focused is by having an automated text message go out, letting them know, you got their details & will be in contact shortly, until then here is a ‘Call to Action’

Now… the big one! The one that scales your fitness business quicker than all your competition around you

2️⃣ they drop what they are doing & call the lead up right away!

That’s is ⬆️

They phone the lead while they are still motivated & want to make the change & sell to them

🗣 but it’s easy for you
🗣 I have sessions, I can’t just stop
🗣 I don’t know what to say on the phone
🗣 It’s too late/early to call the leads
🗣 I feel like I will annoy them
I could keep going with the excuses, that you are saying to yourself about why you can’t call up right away 🗣

So just remember this…

If you & your competition, generate the same lead & they call them first —>> THEY WIN!

It really is that simple! 😎

Be first, or get beaten

You got this 🙌

David 🙂