Paid v Organic Marketing 💪

I’ve been seeing a lot of people suddenly start talking about organic marketing

Then when you dig into the style/system they are using

It comes down to one single strategy… which is just DMing as many people as you can

If you are one of those that has tried this style, then you probably know how tough doing it is


Now in this post, I’m going to focus on 2 things

1️⃣ Why paid marketing massively out trumps the new wave of Organic Marketing (DMing everyone and anyone) 💥

2️⃣ How to correctly use Organic Marketing 💪


Let’s dive in 🤓

If you are intrigued by the new wave of Organic Marketing and have considered DMing prospects as a way to generate leads and make sales

Then consider this…

Running ads on Facebook is simple, very targeted and cheap

Even if you just spend £5 a day on ads, you could potentially have 1-2 leads a day wanting to know more about your services

Let’s look at it another way…

Your friends are planning to go to the beach & you now have 2 options:

OPTION 1: you have to say NO, as you plan to spend a few hours, scrolling through social channels, trying to find where your target audience are hanging out

You find some good locations and start the process…

✅ add them as a friend

✅ start DMing with no idea if they would be interested

✅ get a number of negative responses and a few positive responses

✅ get a little stressed when people open and don’t reply or just go cold after a few messages

PLUS, and this is the BIG ONE 👇

✅ miss the whole day at the beach with friends due to this strategy

OPTION 2: you say YES 🏖 as you are going to run paid advertising

All you need to do before you go is

✅ jump on Facebook and set up the advert

✅ target the right people with a compelling ads copy & creative

✅ and put £10 for the day on the advert

You then go out, have a great time at the beach and come home to 1-2 qualified leads waiting for you to contact 🙌

In CONCLUSION to this section…

If you prefer not having to spend hours on your phone/computer hunting and DMing leads

And would rather let a very small budget do some heavy lifting and saving you hours each day

Then paid ads will always win 🏆



So why should you even consider using Organic Marketing?

We first need to look back to the pre DMing days 🧐

Where you really want to provide incredible value to prospects 🔥

Now if you use this form of Organic Marketing, you are going to be generating quality leads all the time

The major down side is that it will take a while to get things going 🕰

Okay, let’s check out the magic of Organic Marketing…

And we need 2 key things to first get the ball running

✅ a specific target audience in mind

✅ a platform or number of platforms that will help you get discovered

The reason the specific target audience is key, is because you need to be writing & creating content specific to their goals, needs and desires

Your target audience needs to want to read/watch/listen to your stuff and not just think its too generic and bland

Or get confused as you are talking about things they don’t want

The more Knowledged you can be in this section, the more succesful you are going to be

The next part of the set up, is finding a platform or number of platforms that will help you get discovered

This section is usually is the hardest part, as you need to beat the crowd to really stand out

This means, if you are going to use a blog, you get good at SEO

If you are going to use YouTube, you get good at ranking videos

The better and more understanding you have of how the platform you want to use works, the better results you are going to get 💪


Now for the actual content you are going to be posting…

This bring us onto the final part of the whole set-up for Organic Marketing

To really be able to generate leads, you need to work on and have Know, Like & Trust in all your content

🏆 The prospect need to be able to relate to the content

🏆 Like the content

🏆 Feel like they have benefited from the content

🏆 Have gotten to know a little more about you

🏆 Start to trust you

🏆 Know how to reach out and find out more

By hitting all this and getting the prospects to keep consuming your content, you are always going to have quality leads who Know, Like & Trust you read to buy 🙌


So… Paid Marketing v Organic Marketing

There actually is no WINNER

Both Paid & Organic should be part of your Marketing Eco-System if you want to run a growing, succesful fitness business

You got this 💪

David 🙂