Quick Cash Strategies We Used at FitHub 30 🤑

The memories of running the gym since selling are slowly fading away 😢

But once a week, I have a quick inspirational hour to relish the exact steps that allowed us to not only grow to owning our own studio, hiring staff, stepping away from running, and eventually selling through The FitPro Incubator!

This week, we focused on Quick Cash Strategies 🤑

In The FitPro Incubator, we go into a lot more detail, but for now, here is a brief overview if you need to make quick cash right now or save for when you do.

After all, everyone needs some quick cash now and then, right?

  • New Kit
  • Quick Holiday
  • Or a broken water pipe

That last one was the last time we used some of these Quick Cash strategies 😅

We were back home in North Wales when Willow phoned to say a pipe had burst in the gym, and water was leaking everywhere 🤬

Anyway, enough of burst pipes, let’s explore the quick cash strategies you can use right now 💪

1️⃣ Cash-In Week 1!

In week one, all clients should be absolutely loving what you are delivering.

Yes, they may be a little sore, yes, they may be a little unsure of everything still.

But they have the buzz, that excitement, that feeling that this is the best thing since sliced bread.

That’s when you present them with a Paid-In-Full offer for the year.

Yep, you could offer them a small discount. In our case, it was 12 months for the price of 10.

Simply schedule a meeting with all new clients at the end of week 1, aiming to ensure they have completed at least 2 sessions, then chat over their early success, their path to hitting the results, and the limited offer you have running this week only 👊

2️⃣ Accelerators & Workshops

If there is one that will 100% bring in quick cash and fast, then you need to jump on this!

For the accelerator, run it maybe once a quarter or twice a year.

For the workshops, you could possibly do this once a month.

The accelerator is basically an upsell to current clients where you offer them additional X, X, and X for £XXX.

We would run one twice a year and charge £100, with an average participation rate of 10-15% among the client base 🤩

On the workshop front, this is a 2-3-hour specific workshop, let’s say kettlebells.

You basically deliver a 3-hour session, learning, and planning workshop and charge £XX.

Having 20 clients pay £20 each for those additional 3 hours once a month can be a rewarding Sunday morning income boost 💪

3️⃣ Lifetime Membership!

This one isn’t to be used lightly, but I personally know a few FitPros who have used this and ended up establishing their first studio based on the results.

Others have been able to fully kit out or re-kit their studios/gym.

I recall reading about someone using it to fund their wedding expenses 😉

The concept is simple: offer lifetime membership for the price of 2, 3, or 4 years’ membership.

You charge £100 a month, and you go with 3 years, that’s £3600.

Get 3 people paying you that, and that’s a decent bit of kit being ordered.

Like I said, we went into a little more detail on this with a few clients inside The FitPro Incubator.

Need quick cash? Do this stuff!

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David 🙂