When It Becomes Predictable, The Game Suddenly Changes 💪

Today I was back on the road & back in Northern  Ireland, visiting a Lead Gen Eco-System Client

We where chatting all things marketing, lead gen & systems, when he mentioned something specific…

🗣️ Running paid ads & posting on social media will get me leads, but I want something predictable

Full video will be out next week from the visit 😆

He wanted a formula, a system, a strategy that just keeps delivering, no matter the time or day, or whether he has ads on or not

👆 this is why he purchased the Lead Gen Eco-System build in his LeadDec account

It’s a system that no only generates leads & chases down those who are actually ready to buy right now

But also generates leads & nurtures those that are not at that buying stage right now

Now giving you an instant unfair advantage over your competition when it comes to keeping your pipeline full

The Lead Gen Eco-System ensures all the 6 stages of the buyers are covered in order to keep this pipeline full 🤩

A few examples are…

1️⃣ Lead Magnets for those that are  at the unaware stage

2️⃣ Quiz Funnels for those that have now become aware

3️⃣ Video Sales Letters for those in the window shopping stage

4️⃣ Flash Sales & Direct to payment pages for those ready to buy

5️⃣ Client Feedback & Retention tools to keep the buyer happy

6️⃣ Then when a client leaves, there is a 13 month reactivation campaign in place

It’s a case of once it’s built, turning that switch on to keep the consultations being booked consistently & predictably 💪

Ready to have you very own Lead Gen Eco-System built? Then let’s chat —>> https://fitproleadgen.com/call

You got this 💪

David 🙂