Running Ads for Online FitBiz + Some Not Related MASSIVE RESULTS 🤩

I was tagged in a comment earlier today in regards to a question that was asked about running ads for an online fitness business…

Although we don’t actively advertise that we work with online FitPros, we do have a good number of online FitPro clients that we run ads for

Anyway, here is their question & my answer

🗣 I was wondering if anyone has experience with Facebook ads for online programs – not face to face sessions. Did you change the selection in the ad campaign criteria etc ? Or still use “leads”?

🤓 My answer:
It will really depend how you want to chase the leads & sell.

Collecting name, email & phone is perfect for offline as its super easy to build trust when you phone them up

But online is much harder, especially if you charge a high amount.

A few options here for you:

1: name, email & phone to application form, and anyone who doesn’t, you aim is to text & email to get them to complete it. That way you only speak to super qualified prospects.

2: messenger ads with 3-4 qualifying questions, that you can the follow up with to arrange to get a call booked

3: slower approach is ebook/lead magnet ads, that get prospects into your eco-system. You then nurture with email, FB groups, text message, all trying to build KLT & pushing them to book a call

Hope this helps 💪

Before I break it down a little more in the rest of the post, be sure to check some epic results just in this week, right at the bottom 👇

K.L.T will always be the biggest part with converting leads online, running ads is easy

Once you have a target audience in mind, running ads for online FitPros is actually much cheaper than running them for offline, but the convention rate into becoming a client is much harder due to the K.L.T factor

It will always also come down to being able to show more value during the sales call than the programme actually is, so when you reveal the price, they snap your hand off, with them thinking it was going to cost a LOT more

To conclude, if you had no prior experience with running Facebook Ads for an online Fitness Business, I would start with option 2

Run some messenger ads, have a few qualifying questions, then look to get them booked onto a call


£11k Ads Spend
£40k In New Sales
✅ £29k PROFIT

Client runs a 6 week, medium sized group training, UK

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David 🙂