The last few days, I have been in Birmingham with Ash Burleigh working on the FitPro Social 👀

Some HUGE plans coming, but for now, we are sticking to the podcast episodes 🎧

We actually filmed this weeks one sat next to each other in real life, rather than over Streamyard or Zoom 😆

This weeks episode was around the topic of “WHY We Run A Business & Do You Actually Go On Holiday or Just Work From A Different Location”

When we publish this episode in the coming weeks, I will get it posted below

Anyway… We got onto the topic of staff!

As Ash asked me, what was it that allowed me to go on holiday when we had the gym

The simple reason was: STAFF

He also asked me, what stopped you from going on holiday

My answer again: STAFF

The more we talked & grumbled about staff & why some are “A” Players & others are as good as a wet flip flop

The two things that stuck out where

1️⃣ YOU 👊 You are the only person that can change the situation you are in, not your staff

2️⃣ Systems, Processes, KPI’s & Accountability is really the only way to have those “A” Player staff members

These are lessons I have had to learn many, many, many times when it comes to managing staff

My issue has always been that I trust people too much, if they tell me they can do something, I will believe in them to get it done

By not installing the 2 things above, it has cost me clients & also cost me staff

This is why we have a KPI meeting each & every Monday… Hard facts make your job as the business owner much easier to do 💪

It’s also why LeadDec is a game changer for Fitness Business owners

Hard facts on the number of leads generated, not chased, sold & retention show you a clear path to where needs to be fixed

While automations can allow you to go on holiday & actually switch off, with the system chasing down leads, getting people booked in & even making sales for you

To conclude… Activate the 2 points above & your life as the business owner becomes a lot less stressful

Check out LeadDec here & start your FREE 14 Day Trial


David 🙂