Social Media That Actually Works

You need to make sure that what you are posting on your social media is actually going to generate interest and get people excited in what you have to offer. 

Here at the Gym and also at the office, we have been discussing what we should be posting on our Social Media in order to gain peoples interest via likes & comments. 

Often when we think of uploading on social media, we think we need to spend 20/30 minutes creating a cool & interesting graphic on Canva followed by a long text, however by doing this we do not tend to get much engagement on our posts. 

But if I post a picture of me and Hank down at the gym, we get lots of likes and comments. This is because people can relate to ‘real’ life photos more and therefore are interested in this type of content. 

So instead of spending vast amounts of time creating an image on Canva, think about posting more original and realistic images so people can actually see what it’s going to be like at your gym or working with you💪