The Only Email You Need To Send

The Only Email You Need To Send 👊📧

If you are not sending out emails to your prospects once a day, or once every other day then you are definitely missing out new potential prospects and sales.

Remember, you have spend time and money collecting these email addresses, so you need to be emailing these people.

Even if you only send an email out once a week, make sure you make it a Newsletter.

How to write a Newsletter:
1️⃣Open with an update on what has gone on in your gym or fitness business over the past week, whether that be the sessions you run or any onboarding classes you have ran or welcomed new members to the team.

2️⃣We then move into two specific posts or stories or blogs that we’ve published throughout the week. For example, you may have done a post about one lady who’s lost one stone and explain the programme she has completed and some recipes. You then need to link those 2 things.

3️⃣Finally we add 2 success stories.

Then to finish off the news letter you want to add a big call to action at the end.

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