Software and Automation Systems 🤖

This week on the FitPro Lead Gen show, we have been looking into systems and automations

We started the week off with Ryan O Neill coming on to shared his knowledge on the topic, including how it’s working for his software company (, his previous fitness business and all of the most popular trends that he is seeing from their FitPros customers

—>> link to his interview:

Then on Tuesday, we shared the 5 top automations and software tips that you should be considering 😎

1️⃣ Map EVERYTHING Down. You see, automations – they should make life easier. They should make the journey of your prospect much much easier. You need to look at the lead gen, the sale side of things, the client onboarding. Write it ALL down. Look at the tasks you have to do manually that take up all of your time and try to find alternatives 

2️⃣ Zapier – Now it’s time to look at software. The first tool I suggest is Zapier. Zapier starts with a trigger and you build automations underneath. So Lead – Into Spreadsheet – Into Email – Send Text To Lead – Send Lead To Me ✅ Check it out if you haven’t already

3️⃣ Buffer – Whether you’re posting on insta, fb, twitter…you’re always going to be doing it one at a time. Its a nightmare. Buffer allows you to schedule the same post in at least 5 different locations. A massive time saver – right?! Plus, download the Social Stack from The FitPro Portal and you’re saving even more time as the actual social media and post template are already done for you

4️⃣ Email Follow-Up Series – this is all about building KLT with new prospects or delivering an onboarding series to new members. Use something like Active Campaign, Aweber or MailChimp to deliver these emails for you automatically without having to send them manually. You can send emails 1,2,3,4,5 days apart 

5️⃣ Set Up – There are times where automations feel like real time savers. But it takes away the personalisation. So if you have a client scheduled to come in and you have an automated message asking them how their first session was…and it turns out they didn’t show – you look a bit silly! So make sure you don’t over do the automations 

Following on from this, we looked into what was working for us right now when it comes to automations & systems

Looking at Explanation & Confirmation when a lead submits their details…

The reason these are so important is because its key when communicating with our leads from beginning to end 

When they hit your landing page they want an explanation of whats happening next. For example…

They submit their details, and you let them know you will be in contact. You will share more about the programme, some success stories, and what to do next ❗️

Next, you just want to send a text confirmation. ‘Thanks for submitting your details, we will be in touch soon’  📞

The reason this is important is because if you don’t send a confirmation they might totally forget all about you 

Then, send an email with confirmation and explanation too! Thank them for submitting their details and let them know you will be in touch soon. Plus, share a bit more about the programme, some success stories and link it back to that thank-you page of the initial set up 💪

Help the prospect out 

Let them know what to expect! 

Confirmation & explanation

Communication is KEY 🔥


Finally, we covered an area that can be the biggest game changer, time saver & business growth decision you can make

✅ Staff…

Staff make the biggest difference when it comes to moving your fitness business forward

If you’re a one-man band, you’re doing all the lead gen, all the chasing, all of the sales, all of the sessions, all the consultations, the client feedback, the bookkeeping 😧

And you have no time! 

I’ve been there and I’ve done it 

I had 35 clients working 6 days a week 60-70 hours

But the minute I got someone in to chase the leads…so much time was saved 😇

I didn’t have to spend hours ringing prospects

That massively helped me

And it meant I could give more to my current clients 

They got better results ✅

The next step is taking on another Personal Trainer 

Then you can help even more people 

We took another PT on, I reduced my hours and the guy that came in took on a full-time coach role 

Down here in Cardiff we have two full-time coaches 2️⃣

We have Holly who is the gym manager, she supervises everything making sure the staff and clients are ok, the facility is ok 

Then we have Shannon, the client care and sales manager ❗️

She chases the leads and sells 

And makes sure once they’ve joined they’re ok 

And me? I have nothing to do with DKnine anymore 😅

I go in once a week and make sure the gym is running smoothly 

Plus, the next few months… we have our eye on a couple more units 😉

And this is all because I’ve managed to step away from DKnine to give me more time to do what I want to do 

To conclude, let’s revisit the final tip from Tuesday…

Automations & Systems can save you time, can reduce your stress level & can really help take your business forward

But remember, there is a time and place for adding systems and automation into your fitness business

And there is also a time & a place to not rely on this and allow the manual, human aspect to take over to deliver a better service to prospects and clients

You got this 💪

David 🙂