Stop Re-Inventing The Wheel…

One of the hardest jobs I have ever had to do was

Teach kids 18 month – 6 years play football

It was back when we use to run Explore Football in North Wales

When we got started, I had trained kids 6 years and upwards

Having great success and coaching for Southampton FC Development Teams in the process

I had a plan I use to stick to and the session always went well

Great feedback and the bosses kept inviting me back

Yet when I decided to start running Explore Football

It was a new audience, and new type of clients I had never worked with before

Panic set in and I started making things up

Each session I would be trying something new

Trying to re-invent the wheel each coaching session

Building up the stress and worry going on in my head

Why am I telling you this…

Because sometimes you need to take a step back and evaluate what is going on

Then the path becomes clear

There is a scene in the first Avengers where they are all fighting as individuals

No structure, no plan in place

They re-group, discuss what they have seen and what is going on and then

Put a plan in place

This is what we did for the kids playing football

We would look first into our beliefs and philosophy when it comes to coaching kids

Then we would look at what got a great reaction from the kids

What got us the best feedback from the parent getting involved

And what we enjoyed coaching

2-3 weeks later and trying out a few variations of what we would call the perfect session

We had it… The Perfect Session for coaching children 18 month – 6 years

We had a formula that we if needed could give to a brand new qualified football coach to follow

That would deliver a quality session no matter on coaching experience

So a question to you…

What’s your formula?

What’s your system or perfect session to getting clients amazing results?

David 🙂

PS… Will post out 6 Step Formula that we teach FitPros when it comes to generating leads for their fitness business