The Most Overlooked Metric When It Comes To Ads Management 👊

When we take on new clients, we always talk about the sexy numbers with them

💲 The Cost Per Lead – how much you spend to generate a lead

💲 The Cost Per Sale – how much you spend to generate a sale

In fact, this morning I shared some results from a client whose cost per lead was around £28

But her cost per sale was around £100

Meaning each sale she made a profit of £99 per sale on average or a close rate of over 26% on average

Check it out here —>>

Anyway… while these are the numbers we share with clients

There are a few numbers we, as ads nerds, look for 😆

The key one being…

💲 Cost Per Click

For us, as your ads manager, this gives us a lot of information about what needs to be changed with your ads

We are always split testing ad copies & creatives while your offer normally stays the same

So when we look at the cost per click, this quickly shows us if:

🤓 The ad copy is not working

🤓 The creative is not working

🤓 Or the offer isn’t working

By tracking the cost per click we can quickly see what needs to change in order to give you those sexy numbers 🤩

If the cost per click is high, it means you either need to change your copy, creative, or offer 👊

Feeling lost? Or would rather not have to worry about this? Then let’s chat —>>

You got this 💪

David 🙂