The one thing I hated, led me to more πŸ’°, more time off and more mentally free πŸ™Œ

And it all started a few months into running DKnine Fitness in Southampton

Wake up

Train clients

Post on social media

Check in with clients

Check ads

Move documents about

Train clients

Check leads


Leads that I had just paid for

Sometimes like Β£50 a day

All because of this one thing…

You see when I had Explore Football doing the kids coaching

I knew I couldn’t be coaching in 2 places at once

That was obvious and at one point we had 5 coaches on the books

Yet when it came to DKnine Fitness

I had this mental block

A block that was costing me money

A block that was slowing down the business growth

A block that could have possibly damaged DKnine Fitness

Thing is… I am actually good at selling when I have someone sat in front me

I am supposedly not bad at generating leads either

Which brings me into this key issue

The mental block that was slowing our progress

And one that I know for a FACT slows down a lot of Fitness Businesses

Which is chasing those bloody leads

While I’m still not 100% sure why we are all a little nervous about doing these phone calls

The one thing I do know is… you NEED TO GET THIS FIXED in your business


So here is what we did…

We asked the people who most loved what we did & offered

Then asked them if they would be up for doing the calls

After all, these are your raving fans right

They are going to be your number 1 fans who can explain how great your service is πŸ™Œ

A few messages later and we had the right person

And it was one of our most successful clients down in Southampton… Marie πŸ’ͺ

She was more than happy to help

Freeing up so much of my time to do the tasks I was better at

And also freeing my mind from having to do the one job I would spend hours dreading

And then never end up doing

So go look into your business and look at the things you don’t like doing the most

The tasks that are literally holding you back

And go find someone to help you smash through to the other side

You got this πŸ’ͺ

David πŸ™‚