The Route To Consistent FREE & Qualified Leads Is…

Getting new leads into your fitness has never been easier 🤩

But, there is one thing that many of us keep forgetting to do that is stopping us from getting a free & qualified lead each day

First let’s start with the a slightly more complex way to generate new, qualified leads…

Q: what do you know me ‘David Kyle’ for?

The more you post, write, video & audio about a specific topic, the more your prospects will think of you when they have that need

This is why having a niche, a target audience that you can focus on each day will not only make your life easier when you create content for them

But everyone in that audience will gravitate to you as you are the go-to 💪


The Route To Consistent FREE & Qualified Leads

I still literally kick myself each time I do this, because I don’t do it enough

Yet, when I do, my inbox suddenly gets busy 📥

Let me take you back a few years when it clicked for me

I was on a call with a prospect who had messaged me wanting to know more about our Ads Management Service, when I asked him…

🗣️ what made you reach out?

His answer & this literally is the secret sauce to generating at least 1 lead a day for FREE

🗣️ David, you literally post about your client success all the time, I needed to jump in on this

Or in other words FOMO 👆

Fear Of Missing Out 👊

The more you show your results

✅ pictures

✅ screenshots

✅ stories

✅ videos

The more your target audience starts believing in your ability & service

The more the FOMO grows

The more enquiries you are going to get 🙌

You got this 💪

David 🙂