1 Simple Step That WILL Generate You More Online Sales 😏

Imagine getting someone to pay online & you not have to do a thing 😎

That would be considered the Holy Grail of sales in the fitness industry right?

😏 Well now imagine…

✅ Not having to chase down the leads

✅ Never having to do a sales consultation on zoom or face-to-face again

✅ & saying goodbye to the days of being left stranded by another no-show

Well today, I have something you may want to consider doing to boost your online sales 💪

It’s called a 2-step sale page 👊

Here is how it works…

1️⃣ Start with your typical sales page, explaining about the offer & who it is for & the results they are going to get

Then, instead of going direct for the sale

2️⃣ Add the next step being a data collection point: name, email & phone

3️⃣ This then takes them to the payment page

I said it was simple right… But why does this work?

How many times have you gone to buy something, pressed to head over to the payment page, then stopped

At that point, you as the business owner would have no-idea that anyone had ever visited the payment page

But by adding in the data collection step, if they leave without paying, you can then follow up

& this is where the increase in sales comes from

With that data, you could have a simple ‘Cart Abandoned’ sequence in place that send a couple of emails & text

You could have a ‘Retarget Audience’ ad running, to pull those people back to the sales page

Or you could simply just follow up via a phone call to see if they need any extra help

If we head back to the sales page, we also need to make this super simple & pushing for them to complete that first step

🤷‍♂️ Submit To Reveal The Price
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🤷‍♂️ Submit for An Extra 2 Weeks FREE

To get started with this, all you need to do is create a simple data capture form before they get sent to the payment page

You got this 💪

David 🙂