Today, I Have 3 Killer Offline Lead Gen Strategies for You 💪

The internet has made generating leads so much simpler

Take this post, I could have someone read the post, that I have never spoken to before, love what I am saying & reach out

🛑 ACTUALLY: Check out the last post I did, it has a framework for you to write some sales posts 😆

Anyway… Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogs & Website + Online Forums make it much quicker & easier to find clients

But to make sure all our eggs are not in one basket, we really need to build a complete Lead Gen Eco-System whereby we have leads coming in from all areas of online, offline, paid & organic

So today, I have 3 killer offline lead gen strategies for you 💪

1️⃣ Host a Community Event

Hosting a community event can be a great way to generate leads & build local awareness for your studio 🏋🏻‍♀️

Hosting a free fitness class, a wellness fair, or a health and fitness seminar that targets your ideal audience

This way you can showcase your expertise, build relationships with potential clients, & position your studio as a community resource

You can also offer your studio out for the dead times too to local kids sports teams or community projects that you could partner with

Make sure to have marketing materials available at the event, such as flyers, brochures, & business cards, & be sure to collect contact information from attendees so that you can follow up after the event 👊

2️⃣ Partner with Local Businesses

Another effective strategy for building local awareness & generating leads

Identify businesses in your community that share your target audience & offer complementary services, such as health food stores, nutritionists, or physical therapists 🤝

Reach out to these businesses & propose a partnership or referral programmes where you offer each other’s services to your respective clients

This can help you tap into a new pool of potential clients & build valuable relationships with other businesses in your community making you the go-to for what you do 🤩

3️⃣ Advertise on a Bus 🚌

Hear me out on this one, as you are going to need to be tactical 🤣

First of all, advertising on a bus it literally like a mobile billboard that just never stops moving & reaches a wide range of communities

Now the reason we need to be tactical is a 2 fold situation

– 1) Only pick busses that travel most likely into your target audience areas of where you live

– 2) Only pick bus companies that look like they don’t change their advertising too often

The 👆 second one is the key part, they will offer you a fixed term for a fixed price

Now if you have seen a bus that is still advertising a film from 2019, then you know they don’t get many offers & it takes time & money to remove them from the bus

Which is a mega win for you 🕺

Get an advert on a bus company that doesn’t change their signage very often & you are going to get a MEGA deal out of it

Still not feeling the offline marketing approach?

Then let’s have a chat & we can show you what we can do for you 🤓

You got this 💪

David 🙂