Use Zoom? Then You Need To Get This Add On πŸ’ͺ

To be honest, I have been using it for a while, but the last few days, I have actually took note

The app is called Fathom πŸ”΅

It basically transcribes the whole call, then turning it into note & summaries

& you know what… it’s a game changer 🀩

Here are the last 2 calls I have done with Incubator clients:

Monthly incubator call to review business areas and set actions for growth

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on converting leads around New Years when people are highly motivated
  • Improve client retention by building community and experience beyond just results
  • Automate lead nurturing in LeadDec to maximize conversions


Lead Generation

  • Outsourced ads and brought on marketing manager for organic social and email
  • Lead gen ecosystem now at 7/10, up from 5/10 last call
  • Rebuilt website to better integrate LeadDec automation
  • Planning full marketing calendar for 2023 including themes and promotions

Sales Process

  • Virtual assistant Dorothy performing very well, especially on social media
  • Will call all leads from past few months around New Years when motivation is highest
  • Offer short free trials to capitalize on New Years resolutions

Client Retention

  • Retention now at 6/10, up from 2/10
  • Hired full-time staff member to better communicate with clients
  • Getting client “ambassadors” to welcome and support new members
  • Planning monthly social events and rewards to build community

Business Operations

  • Brought on 2 new coach staff after trial period
  • Need to create staff KPIs and have consistent team meetings
  • Have thorough operations manuals but need to document secret processes

Next Steps:

  • Call all leads from past few months around New Years
  • Send staff member trainings on newsletters and events
  • Set up client ambassador group and monthly rewards
  • Create staff KPIs and schedule team meetings
  • Document secret processes to complete operations manual

Call 2 πŸ‘‡

Review business progress and set up booking funnels and automations in LeadDec.

Key Takeaways

  • Neil has brought in around Β£13,500 in revenue since starting with David
  • Set up 2 new booking funnels and automations in LeadDec – one for friendly calls and one for in-person consultations
  • Linked booking calendars to existing challenge funnel automation
  • Discussed tweaking automation messaging to be more specific to each booking type
  • Neil to finish thank you and landing pages for the new funnels


Business Progress Update

  • Neil has retained all current clients except one
  • Has re-signed up previous clients, now has 6 months operating costs covered
  • On track to bring in Β£13,500 by early Jan, mostly from upfront payments
  • Direct debit revenue has dropped a bit, so Neil needs to focus on that
  • Overall revenue and new client growth is going well

Setting Up New Booking Funnels in LeadDec

  • Created 2 new calendars in LeadDec – Friendly Call and In-Person Consultation
  • Set up new simple booking funnels for each calendar type
  • Linked booking calendars to existing challenge funnel automation
  • Can embed booking links anywhere – e.g. website, emails
  • Bookings will remove prospects from other follow-ups
  • Need to tweak messaging in automations to be specific to each booking type
  • Neil to finish thank you and landing pages for the new funnels

Next Steps:

  • Neil to finalize landing/thank you pages for new funnels
  • Review and tweak messaging for new booking automation sequences
  • Add Google Ads calendar for tracking
  • Turn off Facebook ads over holidays
  • Neil to take 2 days over his break to review operations

The Add-On is genius, not only does it help me remember what was talked about

But it give you great points to go back to in order to create social content from what was discussed πŸ™Œ

You got this πŸ’ͺ

David πŸ™‚