What a week it has been 🥵

The week we have had isn’t by chance either…

I remember a few years back, when I asked a Facebook Ads client why he decided to join the programme and it was simple

🗣you post so much value for free, that your paid stuff must be insane

That one comment has stuck in my mind ever since

At the start of last year, we decided to do a video & podcast each week day

That was roughly 260 episodes recorded last year 😱

All those recordings and hours & hours of work is part of why this last week has been incredible for us 🙌

It started by Josh Mullin from the UKPTs group asking for us to create a training for his FREE Lockdown course that he has put together for the 15k FitPros in the group

Then on Wednesday, Justin Devenoshire asked us to come into his Fitness Business Blueprint Programme to become the Facebook Ads specialist for the programme

Finally the week was finished off with a MASSIVE interview for the MYPTHub Podcast 🎧 to talk about all things paid advertising and social media

Actually there was one more thing to finish this week off… Everton won again 🔵 😉

Stay consistent, do what you love and you got this 💪

Enjoy your last few hours of the weekend

David 🙂