Crazy Birthday Offer 🎂

Firstly, how am I 31?

Where have the years gone 💨

Yet since starting DKnine Fitness in 2015, so much has happened

Holly and I had our first trip away to Spain for a few days at the start of 2016

I then followed Wales around the Euros in mid 2016

We then went traveling around Thailand for 6 weeks in 2017

DKnine moved into it’s own studio in 2018

In 2019 we went to Disney in Orlando for 3 weeks

And I have even been able to take my mum away a few times & been with my Dad to Italy, Spain & Switzerland

Yet this last year has been a bad year for going anywhere, I think the furthest place I have been since turning 30 is Liverpool 🤣


Just like ‘your age is just a number’

Each day can be an adventure if you make it 💪

In these last 6 weeks alone, we have found a load of new places to go walking & biking around Cardiff

So go on, enjoy and make the most of each day 🙌

Now onto this Crazy Birthday Offer 🎂

And because of this lockdown, we have had to change the T&Cs a little

If you have been thinking about joining our Facebook Ads Management service then today ONLY you need to act fast!

To celebrate my 31st Birthday, we are giving you the opportunity to join this service for half price for the first month

That’s just £300 for the first month, for us to take over your ad accounts, run all your ads and generate you the leads you need for your fitness business

And the reason we have changed the T&C?

Because I know a lot of you do not want to run ads until we get to re-open

Therefore, if you take us up on this TODAY only Crazy Birthday Special Offer

We will let you hold your use of the offer for up to 8 weeks, meaning you can make use once we are back open 🤝

This offer is a TODAY (Feb 5th) ONLY deal!

Link is in the comments to get started

Or, simply drop me a quick message and I will answer any questions

David 🙂