I earned £7 an hour for 1.5 years of working 😬

Something that I thought when I first became a FitPro was…

The minute you get qualified

Clients would just flock to you 😎

Yet a whole 7 days passed and not a single person had asked me to train them

Which brought my attention to having to market myself and my business

Fast forward to the present day, and on Sunday we had a £7 offer to join The FitPro Portal

It was a one-off offer and it served a specific purpose 💪

You see once you get qualified and then start telling the world about your service

Clients still won’t flock to you

For someone to be in position to buy from you, you need to hit 3 simple steps…

Know -> Like -> Trust

Get this and then, they may be ready to buy from you

Okay, back to the headline…

I earned £7 an hour for 1.5 years of working

We live in a dog-eat-dog world

A world where there are tones of other marketers good and bad trying get your attention

Some you have tried and been completely ripped off and others you have managed to have success with

And because of this, it will always take longer for a prospect to buy from you until you get the…

Know -> Like -> Trust

Which brings us to the 1.5 years

That’s how long a member had been following us before they decided to join us

And it was only because we put out such a ridiculous offer that the person finally committed 💪

This is the exact same for your clients 😬

There are tones of FitPros targeting your prospects too

Stay consistent, stay focused and keep building that

Know -> Like -> Trust

David 🙂