OMG… it’s start of Q3 😱

Until about 2 years ago Q1, 2, 3 & 4 meant nothing really to me

This was until I really started to look at my bank account

You see your bank account doesn’t LIE

If you don’t like the numbers that it’s showing

Then you and only you can change it 💪

And it was at this point, I had to start running my fitness business correctly, profitably, they right way 🙌

Each quarter now, a plan is put in place

✅ where we want to get to

✅ how we are going to do it


Apple don’t just decide to create a new iPhone and put it in the shop the next day

They create a marketing plan

A plan that lays out each step of the build and launch series of the new phone

At DKnine, we are confirming the second studio in Newport this quarter, ready to start the awareness and pre-sale phase in Q4

Ready to open the doors with a fully booked studio by the end of Q1 2022

At FitPro Lead Gen, we have a very ambitious plan of having a full time web designer, launch FitPro Mag & LeadDec in Q3

Plus tomorrow, we launch a brand new service 🙌

Remember, map out, plan & utilise your staff

You got this 💪

David 🙂