We’ve been getting over 500+ views a day 😱

I was on my weekly call with Yaseen the other day

When we started looking into what the numbers were for both our YouTube and the podcast

First up was YouTube, quick look and wow 😱

We have been getting 500+ views a day, CONSISTENTLY!

On the flip side, the podcast only gets like 35 listens a day 🤣

So we have a lot of work to do on that 🧐

Yet, we also have a lot of work to do for the YouTube channel too

Just like DKnine, The FitPro Portal, The Facebook Ads service

Or anything else we do in our work

We always want to keep improving and seeing how we can make things better

Today was the day we take The FitPro Daily from looking like it get’s filmed in a dentist waiting room with plain white walls

To adding up black fabric onto the walls to add a more premium look

We are in the middle of adding a video editing member to the team 💪

Okay, so over to you…

What can you do to upgrade or improve the quality of your offering?

It doesn’t have too be expensive, it just needs to improve on what you currently offer

Let’s make this next week a special one

David 🙂