🚀 New clients are literally a message away! 📲

New clients are literally a message away But guess what? I’m not talking about strangers I’m talking about your old clients – the ones who used to rave about you, who got fantastic results, and loved every bit of what you did Yeah, they might have left for one reason or another, but it’s time […]

They’re trying to steal your clients, literally!

The New Year’s starting, and you know what that means? The fitness marketing world is about to go CRAZY! 🌪️ More ads, social media buzz, emails, texts, reactivation campaigns… it’s going to be a flood because people are in that “buy now, think later” mode Perfect for selling fitness, right? But here’s the catch: Your […]

Is Your Target Audience FitPros?

Then we might have the event for you 💪 In the second week of January, we will be running our first ever Client Only FitPro Lead Gen Summit 🙌 Giving all our clients, an unforgettable event, including building their very own marketing & business plan to dominate their area in Q1 With guest speakers, such […]

We Shouldn’t Work Together 😬 Here Is Why 👇

But first, it’s scary to remember back when I had no idea where the next lead would come from or even how to generate them It’s even crazier to think that no matter who applied, I would try my very best to sign them up as a client Time has certainly passed, and I have […]

What’s Working and What Isn’t with Ads Right Now?

Well, instead of just listening to what I have to say 😆 I asked the team this morning to give me an update on what they’re seeing with all our “Done for You” Ads Management Clients currently 💪 Here’s what they had to say… Bethan Thomas: I’ve started running some ads for a January waitlist […]

Do You Want It Bad Enough?

A tough question to ask… Take the master of ceremonies on the cruise 🚢 The guy can speak 5, yes 5 languages 😱 He’s the one who welcomes you before each performance and says goodbye at the end I can 100% guarantee that a prerequisite for this job would have been to speak multiple languages […]

Bear Grylls Cost Me My Dream Location 🥺

I love where I am from, literally, for me nothing beats North Wales Yeah, we don’t have amazing shopping centres & everything is miles away But the slow life, the quiet nature, the mountains, hills & lakes… & of course It’s my home! So here is why I say Bear Grylls cost me my dream […]

4 Sales Before 9:30am = £550 🤩

Nothing get’s you fired up for the day like making a few sales first thing But when this WhatsApp landed at 9:20am yesterday morning, It did make us all smile in the office 😆 Not 1, not 2… but 4 SALES before 9:30am 🤝 Totalling £550 or £137.50 each for a 6 week outdoor bootcamp […]

How To Get FREE Warm Leads For Your Fitness Business 🤩

Successfully growing your fitness business, really does just break down into 3 main categories 1: Lead Generation 2: Making Sales 3: Client Retention Yes, this is super generic & so much more fits into each section But get the basics right & you are on a winning path This path of course starts with Lead […]

You’re One Funnel Away…

Heard that saying before? It’s actually a free course that ClickFunnels offer & the crazy thing is… You are actually: Just One Funnel Away from A New Client 🤩 Let me explain 👇 In the fitness industry, unless you are selling a magic diet pill or to a super warm lead The chances are, a […]