Can You Really Run Your Fitness Business From A Beach 😏

Well the answer is super simple…. NO! 🤣 Currently sat here in Turkey 🇹🇷 , working from the beach… BAR Not the beach as per the picture 😱 While the beach bed was free, it gave me a perfect opportunity to cover why working from the beach with your laptop is never going to work […]

Need Leads But Just Don’t Want To Spend On Ads?

I get it, sometimes the cash just isn’t there right now or you still need leads but not a large volume Before I do get into a few things you can do, I do want to let you into a little story from a few years back Everything was going super well when we worked […]

Guess Where I Have Been Today 😆

Today has been action packed From the minute I woke, to the last letter in this post 😅 All I have done is type, planned, recorded & then built & none of this was done from the office in Cardiff 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 In fact, I have no idea what went on in the office today, that’s […]

Running Ads for Online FitBiz + Some Not Related MASSIVE RESULTS 🤩

I was tagged in a comment earlier today in regards to a question that was asked about running ads for an online fitness business… Although we don’t actively advertise that we work with online FitPros, we do have a good number of online FitPro clients that we run ads for Anyway, here is their question […]

21 Leads = 15 Sales @ £50 Each 🤩

Getting your pricing right makes the difference between struggling to sell & running out of spaces to sell After all, selling is really just showing so much value that the price is irrelevant 💪 And from the screenshots you can see this particular ads management client will soon be running out of spaces to sell […]

3 Weeks of Ads… Almost 5k Profit 🤩 Here Is How 👇

Running ads is a sure fire way to keep leads flooding into your fitness business But it takes more than just running ads to make those sales & grow your fitness business So let’s break down the numbers in this screenshot from a clients results in March Starting from the top: 1️⃣ The first set […]

6th March Videos

This week is going to be the first of a weekly list of the latest YouTube trainings, videos & podcasts we are going to be releasing on the FitPro Lead Gen & LeadDec YouTube channels We have also been working hard on getting the office ready to make the quality of the videos much better […]