🚀 New clients are literally a message away! 📲

New clients are literally a message away But guess what? I’m not talking about strangers I’m talking about your old clients – the ones who used to rave about you, who got fantastic results, and loved every bit of what you did Yeah, they might have left for one reason or another, but it’s time […]

What’s Working and What Isn’t with Ads Right Now?

Well, instead of just listening to what I have to say 😆 I asked the team this morning to give me an update on what they’re seeing with all our “Done for You” Ads Management Clients currently 💪 Here’s what they had to say… Bethan Thomas: I’ve started running some ads for a January waitlist […]

Bear Grylls Cost Me My Dream Location 🥺

I love where I am from, literally, for me nothing beats North Wales Yeah, we don’t have amazing shopping centres & everything is miles away But the slow life, the quiet nature, the mountains, hills & lakes… & of course It’s my home! So here is why I say Bear Grylls cost me my dream […]

4 Sales Before 9:30am = £550 🤩

Nothing get’s you fired up for the day like making a few sales first thing But when this WhatsApp landed at 9:20am yesterday morning, It did make us all smile in the office 😆 Not 1, not 2… but 4 SALES before 9:30am 🤝 Totalling £550 or £137.50 each for a 6 week outdoor bootcamp […]

You’re One Funnel Away…

Heard that saying before? It’s actually a free course that ClickFunnels offer & the crazy thing is… You are actually: Just One Funnel Away from A New Client 🤩 Let me explain 👇 In the fitness industry, unless you are selling a magic diet pill or to a super warm lead The chances are, a […]

Coach Calls In I’ll 🤢 30 Minutes Before Starting 🤬

Had this happen to you before? We had, a few times, this was when we used to have self employed coaches When we switched to simply employing full time staff members, things changed & things changed fast Now I am not saying you should only get employed staff over self employed But when they are […]

Not Hitting 10k PM Yet?

Going to be super honest with you here… Most of the numbers being shouted about by PT’s are skewed What I mean by that is that, yes, they may have had a 10k month in January But the rest of the year being back at 4-5k isn’t exactly a 6 figure Fitness Business Why am […]

Increasing Prices During Summer Holidays 😱

Possibly a crazy thing to do Especially if you follow the “typical” saying of August is always the worst month That is the big issue right there Your mindset plays a huge role in your business success You know this already, as you probably tell your clients exactly this 🙌 Yet, this particular client, knows […]

8-10kpm Studio Owners…

That number right there 👆 Is the major sticking point for most studio owners Going at it alone, can quickly get you to 5-6k pm You then decide to add a staff member or two, to really rocket your growth & pull you out the business But no matter what you do, you just can’t […]